Piddle Pad Carseat Liner

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  • Protect your car seat from spills and accidents!
  • Removes and replaces easily.
  • Easy to clean!

It never fails, the blowout of the century is going to happen while you are driving. Your kiddo DID need to go potty before you left the house and now it's just too late. That drink didn't have the lid on quite as tightly as you thought. Whatever the case, spills and accidents happen. A lot. You shouldn't have to remove your whole car seat and cover to clean it up. And you won't have to with the piddle pad carseat liner which removes easily, machine washes, and replaces without a hitch!



Item Type:
 Child Car Safety Seats
Maximum Weight Recommendation: 7 kg
Certification: ECE
Install Style: Forward-facing
Seat style: Adjustable
External Testing Certification: CE
Fixation Type: Three-Point Harness
Material Type: Cotton